Welcome to “Villa Cherven”
Villa Cherven is located at Vasiliovska planina mountain range in Bulgaria. It is 2.5 km far from the town of Teteven, at area called “Konski Dol (Horse Glen), between the The Red Rock Peak of “Cherven” and the “Mount of the Horse” (Kon). Hot spring Toplika is the exit of the main road of Teteven to village of Ribaritsa. GPS coordinates are at the contact page.
Natural sights:
“The valley of Teteven is enchanted, unbelievably beautiful!” - Felix Kanits
The Teteven region’s nature is truly unique, fascinating, picturesque, exceptionally various, with a beautiful flora and fauna. Century-old woods, steep, in some places even vertical rocks, meadows, waterfalls, caves.
There is a great variety of over 600 species of flowers in the biospheric reserve “Tsarichina”. Some of them are included in the Bulgarian Red Book. Pleasant touristic trails lead to both neighboring reserves - “Boatin” and “Kozia Stena”. Closely situated are also the lodges “Georgi Benkovski”, “Echo” and “Vejen”.
A real paradise for the ornithologists is the protected area “Cherniat Rut”, where a variety of birds can be observed.
Many Eco trails are in operation in the area, the view from the top of Cherven is covering all the valley of Teteven.
Historical sites in Teteven are The History Museum “ Sava Mladenov”; St Ilia Monastery build in XIV century; Glojene Monastery St Georgi, built in XIII Century during the reign of Tzar Ivan Asen II. Historical Houses such as the Bobevskata, Iorgovata and Hadji Ivanovata; The place of the dead of Georgi Benkovski in Kostina ,at village of Ribaritza and Sava Mladenov in Koznitsa, Teteven.
Villa Cherven offers one apartment, a studio and eight double bed rooms, each having its own bathroom, with availability of accommodating small groups and families.
The Dining room area welcomes everyone who likes to stop for a fresh trout lunch or just admire the three natural shaped ponds with babies and adult  trout fish. The bar offers wines and grapa (rakia), as well as full range of spirits and bulgarian beer.
View from “Cherven” peak
Facilities for conference and business meetings area.
The main activity of the place is Sport fishing and Trout Fish breeding. The Guest House and its restaurant and traditional Bulgarian style bar  with wine range of all Bulgarian Regions, can accommodate 25 people.
Visitors can take a 30-40 min walk or can be met in the town of Teteven and  transported to the Villa. The road is fine for any type of cars, but 4x4 is recommended.
View from “Opasen Zub” ( Dangerous fang) eco trail, 40 min from Teteven.
“Unless I had come to Teteven, I would have been a foreigner for Mother Bulgaria.”
Ivan Vazov , Bulgarian poet